Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The DE LA TORRE FAMILY The cast with Paul and DOP Regiben O. Romana.
PICTURE!PICTURE! The whole gang is here :)

Concerto wrapped up principal photography at sunrise on April 23, 2008, at CASA SAN MIGUEL in Zambales. The 23rd is the birthday of my Lolo Dr. Jose Yap, and only later did I realize that we actually shot his scene (Dr. Tan and Dolores) on that day. The spirit of our ancestors are truly with us...

My sincere thanks for all the hard work and total commitment from all the staff and crew. In truth doing this movie is quite akin to the war experience depicted in the movie. The uncertain and long hours, the external and internal threats hanging above our collective heads.
In the end I hope that the movie does capture this indominable will to survive and the deep love and freindship that emanated from the set. My apologies to any ruffled feathers and hurt feeling along the way.
May GOD continue to bless us all.

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