Thursday, December 11, 2008


Its really nice to be in Davao for the screenings of Concerto . Since the story is from here the energies surrounding the film are seemingly more potent here. I hope more people would be able to go to the theatrical screenings, details follow:

Concerto, the Davao set war drama from the acclaimed Cinemalaya 2008 opens in Davao Theaters this December. This independent film was recently graded an “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. After a commercial run in Metro Manila, Concerto, comes to Davao!

The film by Paul Alexander Morales premieres on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at the Gaisano Mall at 8 p.m. as part of the Mindanao Film Festival. Concerto then opens to the public at SM Mall Cinema from December 17. An additional public screening of the film will be shown at the Gaisano Mall on December 18 at 1p.m.

Concerto showings in Davao City is presented by Digital Spirit Films in cooperation with Lawig-Diwa, an art and cultural organization based in Davao city which has among its objectives “ to disseminate valuable artistic and cultural documents to people’s organizations and communities, and promote collaborative efforts nationally and abroad.” World War II and the Japanese period is the most obscured part of contemporary Philippine history. Most stories told about the war are written by American and Japanese soldiers, and they are mostly about the experiences in Bataan and Manila. This national forgetfulness holds true for Davao City, where one fifth of the population before the war, was Japanese. The story of a Dabawenyo Filipino family’s struggle, and the values they upheld to survive the war of giants, is an experienced worth seeing again towards our continuing effort to strengthen national identity through the mosaic of regional stories.

In co-sponsorship with schools like the Davao City High School, PWC of Davao Travel Society, the Ateneo de Davao Humanities and Literature Division, and organizations like the DCHS Batch 85, M Magazine, the United Architects of the Philippines-Kadayawan chapter, Davao City doctors, and the NCCC Mall Cinema, the film will have been previewed by a combined targeted audience of 1,200 students under the guidance of their teachers from the private and public schools by December 14. The private sector pitched in to support the project in order that students are assisted who otherwise could not afford the price of a movie ticket. The Davao Association of Colleges and Schools (DACS) and the Division of City Schools has encouraged Davao City schools to see the film.

The Mindanao Film Festival is a two--part event of Theatrical Screenings and a Film Convention to be held on Dec. 20-21. The convention will be capped by a festival award of short films. Info on the film “Concerto: Davao War Diary” can be found at check out the festival at

slide show of photos from the Concerto Gala at the Cinemalaya :)

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