Monday, February 9, 2009

Bamboo Camera Award for Concerto!

We were truly honored and humbled to recieve the Bamboo Camera Award from respected filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik at his recent retrospective at the UP Film Center. He had previously announced this at the awards night of the Minadanao Film Festival where Maria Morales accepeted the honor in behalf of the production.

Paul Alexander Morales (Concerto) and co-awardee Tara Illenberger (Brutus)

We were also facinated to watch Kidlat in his element, as well as to savour his film. He screened his "Bakit Yellow ang Gitna ng Rainbow?” that night and we were duly impressed with the courage, originality, and scope of the work. Considering that he created this work on film can only inspire us younger filmmakers to make the most of our digital tools.

Kidlat explains the frame.

Congratulations to all the awardees!
For Independent films:
Concerto and Brutus (2008)
Ligaw Liham (2007)
Saan Nagtatago si Hapiness (2006)

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