Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Concerto New York Screening


The NJNYCT chapter will hold a fundraising event featuring the movie CONCERTO on Friday, November 20, at the Kalayaan Hall, Philipine Center, 556 Fifth Ave, New York, New York. There will be a pre-screening reception at 6:30 pm and showing will be at 7:30 pm. Proceeds will benefit the UPMASA medical mission and the ONDOY flood victims.

Contact persons are:Mars Custodio MD (mars.custodio@gmail.com)Nanette Jongco (Ajongcomd@aol.com)Lou Publico (lg322@columbia.org)

This will be the New York premiere of Concerto.

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Jed[i] said...

ngek. had i known about the chicago and new york screenings, i would have told my relatives and friends in those areas to watch. sayang. update mo ako for the next screenings ha. :)